1. shescoreswhenshewants:


    For the love of god Jermaine Jones stop your Twitter shenanigans and decide on your club future sweet Jesus

    Yeah, Jermaine! Come over here! I scouted houses for you and your 5 kids 20 minutes from Red Bull Arena today!

    It’s a really nice family town. Your kids would love New York/New Jersey. And your wife too! Come to RBNY, Jermaine!!

  2. johnnykillss:

    the way to a woman’s heart is through football jerseys and tickets and whoever’s telling you otherwise is lying 

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  3. Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

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  4. theselfproclaimedultimatenerd:

    Top lad, that Henry.

  5. "Before Michael and I even met, I was already willing to go with him and be open to him, because I was like, ‘This guy’s fuckin’ brilliant’. Not to be too fuckin’ up your ass or anything like that, but the thing that elevated First Class for me was working with you."
    — James McAvoy on Michael Fassbender (via mcavoyclub)
  6.      X-BABIES

  7. aphotyc-shades:




    I love how it’s only over that town, like Nature decided to just fuck their day up.

    fuck this place in particular 

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  8. sheerioin:

    Ed Sheeran gets confused for Belgiam football player Kevin De Bruyne

  9. July 23rd, 2014: Toronto FC 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur

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  10. ckate2011:

    Daniel Radcliffe, everyone.

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  11. Happy 27th birthday, Mousa Sidi Yaya Dembélé!

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  12. shescoreswhenshewants:


    Considering how much fun we had last friendly I thought this time we could enjoy it together. ;)

    Tiny chat 

    Come join! It’ll be fun!

    Yay! I’ll be in there soon!

  13. jermaindefoe:

Welcome Ben Davies!


    Welcome Ben Davies!

  14. augustusfring:

    New York Red Bulls Desktop and iPhone wallpaper

    see more MLS wallpaper here

  15. shescoreswhenshewants:

    The New York Red Bulls Welcome Arsenal…by speaking in English accents.

    This is only slightly better than the Arsenal players doing American accents, which were some of the worst I’ve ever heard!